Publishing & Printing Services


Copyright Policy

Copyright or ownership of written words or designs, as presented to Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd, will always remain the property of the relevant authors or commercial clients. However, any setting up, design or other similar creative endeavours incorporated by Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd into a final presented form or product will always remain the property of Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd, unless, of course, authorised otherwise via written agreement/s.

Payment Policies

Depending on the choices to be made in regards to our various publishing or printing quotes, including website developments, a goodwill fee of 25% will be required at the acceptance of any and all quotations. 50% is to be paid at the halfway point of any particular publishing or website project and especially before any publishing project is ready for printing. The last 25% is to be paid before the delivery of printed books, or otherwise finalised publishing and/or website projects. If all simultaneously submitted quotes are accepted they will then combine and run concurrent with the same percentage payments.

Stand-alone print projects would require a 50% goodwill deposit upon acceptance of quotation/s, with the final 50% to be paid before delivery of books or other print products.

Mission Statement

Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd will strive to be the best it can be, by providing unique and exceptional publishing services, and all that this entails, empowering our various commercial and self-publishing clients and authors alike to grow their business and increase profitability.

Starburst Publishing first originated in October of 1998, and is primarily engaged in producing diverse categories of books and affiliated products. Our Mission Statement focuses on quality that incorporates a mixture of the very best intellectual and visual perspectives, hence allowing for greater learning enhancements and awareness within the broader community. We cater to the private and commercial market, with books, magazines, company manuals, catalogues, brochures, and logo designs as part of our available services. We have a deep concern about environmental issues and this is explained further in our environmental policy.

Vision Statement

The immediate direction over the next few years (as of April 2014) will see Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd and its affiliated businesses as being fully realised and established where we can include a diverse client base as valued customers from across Australia.

The not-too-distant future would see expansion on an international scale where Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd and affiliated businesses will become strong and flexible enough to incorporate overseas clients and customers.

The ultimate direction in the long run will see this company as a worldwide organisation with additional services that will enhance and reinforce the reputation and standing of Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd and its affiliated businesses.

Environmental Policy

Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd and staff feel strongly about looking after our planet Earth. It is important to us to do what we can in order to manage and control the environmental impact our businesses have on the world around us.

Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd therefore likes to provide services, purchase goods from and deal with companies that have the same environmental commitment as we do. We also deal and work with printing companies that obtain their paper from recycled sources or through sustainable foresting commitments. We would certainly like to encourage and welcome other publishers that we deal with to do the same.

Within Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd and affiliated businesses we recycle and reuse wherever possible and minimise our in-house paper and material usage.

We feel that every endeavour must be made to care for our planet before it may be too late.