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book manAs Adelaide's premier publisher, Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd has been helping authors to self-publish their books for more than 15 years. We specialise in high-volume printing with an emphasis on quality control, and we provide a full range of publishing services from editing and design features, setup, ISBN registration, eBook development, through to the final printed product.

A classic example is The Blood, The Soil, The Gold; a 500-odd-page full-colour book by Tim Gard, a copy of which was accepted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II after going through an extensive protocol.

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the Blood the Soil the Gold
Tim Gard

the Blood the Soil the Gold by Tim Gard

In the wake of earlier best-selling releases, we now announce the launching of a book predicted to be a sustained seller over the long term. Initial media and industry comments about the publication are exceptionally positive.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has recently acknowledged receipt of her own leather bound copy from the author for her 82nd birthday.

This ground-breaking 480 page non-fiction tome on the history and spread of the thoroughbred breed of racehorse has no peer. It contains some highly commercial features that will appeal not only to those who are interested in the sport of racing but also to those intrigued by one of the world's most valuable commodities, the most valuable horse estimated by the author, Tim Gard, to be worth 'ONE BILLION DOLLARS'.

the Blood the Soil the Gold is tantamount to the 'bible of the thoroughbred', with parallels to Genesis, Exodus and various Books (chapters) that define the makeup and disposition of the thoroughbred.

Free To Be
Sue Mudge

Free To Be by Sue Mudge

'Free To Be' is one of the great poetry healing-books of our time, with important healing messages for all of us. From the author's own words:

Mental illness incorporates so much loneliness and inability to cope with even our simplest of daily routines. To this day it is very much misunderstood, a close book that we don't want to open compounded by fear of the unknown - the unseen. Our brain is far more complex than any computer, an unknown entity that can not be seen. Being the people we are, what we can't see, doesn't exist. Therefore, to many people their ability to recognise this debilitating disease is very hard. For most of us it's, what we can't see just isn't there. This is also the case of our Lord Jesus Christ - our God. How can He exist when there's so much wrong in our world - so much undoing?

This book contains a selection of poems inspired by myself on my own suffering and enduring through twenty-four years of depression so great, exacerbated by bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and other variations. With this book, maybe you too can find a life with so much goodness and positivity.

God has changed my life from being a dead ember to the most radiant glow. With every day, I am most thankful that God made this miracle in me, to show to others that He can change your life from a horrible nothing to a beautiful something.

Praise God for all good things happen through Him.

Whether we laugh or we cry, we're bound and broken, lost and destroyed, God can give us a whole new life where none of those past feelings inhibit our life again.

Sue Mudge

The Vivienne System of English
Vivienne Dearman

The Vivienne System of English by Vivienne Dearman

For over 30 years, I have had the privilege of being a teacher with the Department of Education and Children?s Services (DECS). As a classroom teacher I was frequently asked to publish the content of my English lessons. These lessons were often a scene of much hilarity, especially with the addition of cartoons, raps and drama. They were delivered with much gusto! I developed a light-hearted approach to teaching English in order to capture and engage the attention of the students. This in turn gave students a clearer understanding of our wonderful English language.

My book is an overview of basic English.

In this publication I have recorded the graphics, ditties, rhymes, rules and comprehensive word lists used with students. The rhymes can be presented in a variety of ways depending on the age of students. Following the introduction of each aspect of English, I have included a sentence (usually nonsensical), to assist students with their reading. I regard these sentences as an integral part of mastering accurate reading. It is envisaged that this book will be a helpful teaching aid for graduate teachers, student teachers, parents, classroom teachers, tutors, E.S.L. teachers and students wanting to improve their literacy skills.

This publication has been a long time in the making.

Happy learning!

Happy teaching!

Vivienne Dearman Dip.T. B.Ed.

Australian Healthy Alternative Food Guide
Krysia Potaczek

Australian Healthy Alternative Food Guide by Krysia Potaczek

A diet with the least amount of processed food and sugar is of benefit to everyone. When I was young the backyards were bigger (¼ acres generally). Many families grew vegetables, fruit, almond or citrus trees and made their own jam, preserved fruit,lemon spread, baked cakes etc. Food had a shorter shelf life and required less chemicals and hormones in the production process. These days food is more processed and genetically interfered with to promote faster growth and surface perfection. This has had an adverse effect on the soil (e.g. the use of fertilisers and especially human beings.

Over the years I have researched different health problems and I want to let people with allergies and food sensitivities know what products are available. I use them in my healthy alternative food recipes. I therefore include recipes in my book using alternative ingredients, some of which are:

Buckwheat, quinoa (keen-wa), amaranth, corn, rice, egg replace (if people don?t wish to use eggs, wheat-free cornflour & baking powder, wheat-free flours, wheat and gluten free pasta, cacao (whole raw chocolate beans and powder, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, stevia (herbal sweetener) and, if milk is desired, only powdered goats milk is used because it has smaller fat particles and is easier to digest. Goats cheese and yoghurt is also sometimes used.

I have also listed websites, phone numbers and addresses of various food products which I have tried. Some can be purchased at health food stores, organic food stores, Foodland snack isle, Coles health section etc. The individual products listed have the information on where they can be purchased.

May this book provide you with a healthy alternative lifestyle.


Whispers From The Angels
Heather Colquist

Whispers From The Angels by Heather Colquist

This release from Starburst Publishing is a book of inspirational messages from the world of spirit conveyed to the author, Heather Colquist, through the vessel of automatic writing. The word 'automatic' is a misnomer for it conveys the impression of something robotic and devoid of feeling. Heather Colquist's anthology of wisdom is imbued with green and pink, the colours of the heart chakra, from first page to last.

As someone who has just recently experienced the demise of a strong and loving relationship I can vouch for the healing powers of this book. One of this book's greatest messages is that we humans too often turn love into a set of shackles when we really should allow it to be an endless and unconditional beam of light. To quote from page 13 of the book:

"Throughout your lives you have touched many and they have been able to go on their way."

In my opinion this book of profound yet easily digestible insights deserves to become a best seller. I feel certain that it will touch many lives in a positive way. Whispers from the Angels is a must read for anyone seeking emotional and spiritual nourishment in a world that has become too consumed with the science of control and the control of science.

Puzzle Supreme and the Tooth Fairy Team
Chris Shelton

Puzzle Supreme and the Tooth Fairy Team by Chris Shelton

We choose our own path in life. Life is a journey, not a destination?this is not the practice run, it is the main event. Take the time to enjoy your children now; they are the most precious gift anyone can be blessed with. Build the memories that you will look back on together in the years to come?no-one can take these away from you.

Chris Shelton

Puzzle fulfils every young pony's dream,
with four legs and wings he's the tooth fairy supreme.
He gathers up teeth in the dead of the night,
and stores them in feed bins, hidden from sight.
His helpers are many,
the young and the old.
All sizes and colours,
swapping horse teeth for gold...

Captain Australia
Greg Mack

Captain Australia by Greg Mack

Austin and his loyal dog Streaker
Find treasure, perform stunts and save the playground.
With the help of his dad, Austin must fight
The toughest battle of all,
And rise to face the world again...

Just around the corner from you lives Austin.
He's a pretty normal young lad,
Who loves mud fights, climbing trees
And camping with mum and dad.
One day Austin went fossicking in his father's shed
In the hope of finding treasure.
Little did he know that the old box he found,
Would change his world forever.
The latches were rusty and crusty;
Austin gave them a mighty squeeze.
He heaved and pulled and yanked so hard
Austin thought his brain would bleed.
Snap! Inside there was a pair of old work boots,
Sunglasses and a cap.
There were football shorts, a faded blue singlet,
The Aussie flag for his back.
As he put on the costume,
Austin felt warm inside.
Like someone had turned his heart to gold,
And filled him with national pride.
Austin whistled both verses of the anthem,
And could detect eucalyptus in the air.
He knew that his only mission in life,
Was to Advance Australia Fair..........


We Don't Say Goodbye
Julie Macintyre

Captain Australia by Greg Mack

'We Don't Say Goodbye' is Julie McIntyre's raw and intensely spiritual account of the death, in controversial circumstances, of her eldest son, Lee, and the devastating ripple effect his death had on his family and loved ones. With painful honesty, Julie recounts her four and a half year struggle through the excoriating effects of deep grief and a justifiably profound sense of injustice to a place of acceptance and inner peace.

This book examines the ongoing impacts of road trauma on Julie and her family. It throws a spotlight on the shortcomings of the police investigation of the crash and, through a detailed account of the court case, calls into question the basis of the decision to charge Ben Staveley (the driver whose negligent actions resulted in Lee's death) with the comparatively minor traffic offence of Driving Without Due Care. The book also illuminates the tardy and deeply impersonal response of the Rann government to Julie's concerns over the way in which Lee's case and her grief was handled.

The Rann government has made a habit of touting its so-called 'credentials' on issues relating to the criminal justice system. Julie's account of the ego-driven obstructionism exercised by the Rann government and its senior law officer in regard to genuine reform of South Australia's victim impact legislation reveals those 'credentials' to be more facade than fact.

'We Don't Say Goodbye' does not, however, simply look into the judicial and political aspects of a death on our roads. It also explores the human cost and the spiritual awakening of a grieving mother. This book poses questions for the reader about the soul's journey after death and the concept of receiving messages from the spirit world. Julie's difficult road towards healing charts her path and the paths of others confronting the most powerfully affecting dilemma of human existence: the death or imminent death of a loved one.

The Poussin Enigma
Enzo Fardone


By early 1998 Enzo Fardone had completed his manuscript, which was forwarded to a publisher in London ? the very same publisher of The Da Vinci Code. In 2004 after reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Enzo discovered to his surprise that many of the elements were similar to those in his own manuscript. Duly concerned, he put his case forward via the media, including the TV program Today Tonight. This started the plagiarising controversy that since then simply will not go away!

Skilfully combining factual theological principles with a magical flair for story-telling, Enzo Fardone presents us with a powerful and hard-hitting novel that leaves the reader with a deep vein of rich spiritual knowledge. He challenges existing religious dogmas and precepts by sifting through the veils of historically inaccurate information. John Sinclair, the central character, takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the South of France, and explains the purpose of initiation into the Mysteries of the Holy Grail and the symbolism of alchemy. Secrets are revealed of the treasure of Rennes-Le-Château and the Masonic and Rosicrucian connections. It is an adventure of initiation and a search for the treasure of the Cathars and the Holy Grail. What are the codes hidden in the famous painting by Nicholas Poussin 'The Shepherds of Arcadia' and where is the body of Christ buried?

Enzo Fardone is an author and playwright. After successfully completing his secondary education at St. Michael's College with the Catholic De La Salle Brothers, he enrolled in a Bachelor of Law Degree at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. Enzo has an extensive background in theology, comparative religions and philosophy. In 1997 he began writing his first novel "Vision of the Holy Grail?. By early 1998 he completed his manuscript, which was forwarded to a publisher in London ? the very same publisher of The Da Vinci Code. In 2004 after reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Enzo discovered to his surprise that many of the elements were similar to those in his own manuscript. Duly concerned, he put his case forward via the media, including the TV program Today Tonight.

The Tarot Tells It All - A No-Reverses True Tarot Book
Patricia M Walker

The Tarot Tells It All by Patricia M Walker

The Tarot Tells It All is a must have guide to reading the Tarot. It contains meanings for Major and Minor Arcana cards, options for different spreads, as well as tips for choosing your cards, caring for them, and the handling and shuffling of them by you and your clients. Easy to read and understand, this book will become your constant companion when learning the Tarot. A mssage from the author, Patricia Walker: 'I give you what I have gained over many years of study, reading, learning from, and enjoyment of the Tarot. I give you what works for me! Only you can know whether it works for you. We each know, intuitively, that which is ours. So? "To thine own self be true..."

Finding Happiness
Amber Stone

Finding Happiness by Amber Stone

In the last letter he wrote before his mysterious disappearance over the Mediterranean in July 1944, noted French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery confided to a friend: "the future anthill appals me, I prefer to be a gardener?. A signature of Saint-Exupery's work was the primacy of human connection over the dubious virtues of materialism and mechanisation.

Adelaide Hills writer Amber Stone** seeks to tap a similar vein with her book, 'Finding Happiness', a collection of short stories and life experience reflections. Writing from the perspective of a life touched by tragedy (she lost her mother when she was just 14 and her son was the victim of a brutal and senseless murder), Amber Stone has created a private garden of messages related to common human emotions and thoughts. Stone's garden is a cloister of contemplation for the soul.

In the first half of the book Stone focuses on individual words (e.g. reason, laughter, joy, question, vigour) and extends the individual letters of each word into messages in order to paint her personal meaning of the word. Love for example, becomes:

Look and see with sincerity
Open your heart and mind with love
Vehement ? standing strong, being aware
Emotion ? compassion and empathy

Angel Over Africa
Harry Atkins


On a flower farm set on the tranquil shores of Lake Naivasha, fierce passions, previously hidden, suddenly erupt. Violence enters the quiet lives of the lake-side people and racial tensions are never far from the surface. Love and lust confront each other in a struggle for the affections of a beautiful talented girl. Her heart and mind are in desperate conflict. The power of her love helps her make an agonising decision. Will it be enough to ward off the mortal threat to the man who means more to her than life itself?

HARRY ATKINS was born in Aberdare, then a mining valley town in South Wales. After grammar school he took degrees in Classics and English and became a teacher. His career took him to secondary schools in Britain, Cyprus and Malta. Latterly he spent six years in Pembroke House, a preparatory school situated up country in the Kenya part of the Great Rift Valley, sometimes known as the White Highlands. In the years leading up to the Second World War it was celebrated as the setting of the lives of the liberated, if not dissolute Happy Valley Set. This writer has used some of these same backdrops, for his story, including the Muthaiga Club in Nairobi. In its dining-room Lord Erroll, spent his last night before being found mysteriously murdered on a road just outside the city.

Harry currently lives on a small farm in the Adelaide Hills.

True Blue Bush Stories
Kay Murdock


Kay Murdock is a late entry into the writing ranks. She reluctantly entered her first story, sometime after the tragic death of her teenage son in a motorcycle accident, and was surprised to win the prestigious ADMELLA award. From that point on her stories just kept on winning. Kay even won a $5,000-00 regional writers grant. Some of her stories are based on real events and even the fictional ones are mostly based on the very real experiences of rural life.

Kay is an exceptional writer with an amazing ability to tell stories. Her words come to life with a creative expression that very few writers possess. She'll lead you down the garden path of colourful story-telling and, just when you least suspect it, throw you such an emotional or intellectual curve-ball that it can literally leave you crying or craving for more.

Odin's Runes
Neil Giles


Odin's Runes tells the history of the runes, shows the symbols for each and explains their meanings. The book also explains how to do readings. In the words of the author, "The runes are not just a fortune teller's tool, rather they are part of a system of spiritual belief older than Christianity and as complex and as beautiful as Hindu or Buddhist thinking. The runes are the sacred symbols of Teutonic mysticism, a system of wisdom that embraces reincarnation and rebirth, that holds the web of life as central and sacred, that is steeped in a magical tradition where responsibility for one's own acts and destiny is the core of existence. When you use the runes you don't just read the future, you participate in its creation."