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Bibliosity The New Book Industry Model

16th January 2015

In my last article I wrote about the recent and unprecedented decline of our world-wide book industry and how it's now high time for a new book-industry model to come about that would allow book retailers, publishers and authors to co-exist in a much more equitable environment. I also introduced a very basic concept of such a new book-industry model called, Bibliosity.

Bibliosity will undergo soft-launch on the 1st August 2016, and is a website that has been in development for approximately eight years by us, Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd a small publishing and web development company. The reason we spent such a long time on this project is simply that we didn't have much of a resource base and still don't! Nevertheless, these last seven years have been very productive in that it's given us time and the opportunity to develop some unique and innovative software that will in turn allow Bibliosity to help many book retailers in this country and hopefully internationally as well.

Simply put, Bibliosity will allow book-store and newsagent retailers to acquire a free online Limited Franchise with Bibliosity (Saleable & transferable; and, Limited because it's online only) that will exponentially set the scene for a large network of online Franchisees (retailers) to become more than competitive with corporations like Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble, etc., to name just a few. Book retailers will then be able to sell their book products online where they simply haven't had the opportunity to compete against the sociopathic control patterns of these ruthless corporations. By forming into a much larger collective network group, our online Bibliosity Franchisees will then also have the combined bargaining power to negotiate prices directly with publishers and authors world-wide, instead of having to unfairly compete with these ruthless middlemen corporations. This of course sets the scene for a much more equitable environment that throws a mighty big lever in favour of book retailers, publishers and authors!

We won't be saying too much about the amazing software that our ingenious software engineer has developed, but we can offer you a little insight: When starting up, prospective Franchisees will be able to upload a large amount of product images and information to their online Franchises far easier and quicker than was ever possible before in a matter of minutes rather than days or even hours! Additionally, Bibliosity has come up with a competitive edge that will capably tackle the eReader 'Vendor Lock-in' monopoly of corporations; as with Amazon, for instance, with their Kindle eReader and NO you won't need to 'Jailbreak' your eReader device either! This sets the scene for all of our Bibliosity Franchisees to competitively sell eBooks online (Bibliosity eBooks that will exponentially increase in volume over time as more and more publishers and authors join) and where customers will need to pick or nominate their favourite or local Bibliosity Franchisee who will in turn receive the 30% retail mark-up for any such eBooks sold.

In needs to be kept in mind though that initially only a limited number of free Franchises will be available with Bibliosity. We estimate that presently there is room for about 250 to 300 online Franchises before we need to start doing some serious upgrading on our software and online operating capabilities, which of course means spending money. Even though we will be charging only a small & fixed administration fee on every online transaction, we cannot predict at this stage how much will be spent in the future on upgrades. Hence we can only promise that the first 250 Franchises will be for free with no deposit or initial set-up fees whatsoever. I guess this truly is a limited offer, and we would seriously recommend all book retailers to join as soon as possible. Any early and serious inquiries from book retailers will be put at the head of our list!

We would also once again like to ask the internet community to help us with Bibliosity in its quest to allow all authors, publishers and book & magazine retailers to financially coexist on a much more equitable and sustainable level and, through our blog, help them to become aware and get in touch with us any such help would be greatly appreciated!

Peter W Whitewood

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