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Presently our existing book & magazine (paper) distribution industry world-wide are somewhat out of step with our modern internet world. This industry is like an 'old dinosaur' that is simply beginning to outlive its usefulness and clearly needs to go through a process of readjustment and redirection. was set up to help this rejuvenation process by simply allowing modern internet processes to have a more productive input into the sales and distribution of magazines, books and eBooks. The main criteria of Bibliosity online, via free online stores, will be to help create a local online advertising and networking hub, hopefully for each book and magazine seller Australia wide, ensuring a growing local client base. will be soft-launched by the end of July 2016.


Bibliosity, as a subsidiary of Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd, provides a web-based Internet access service that basically allows any and all publishers, authors and retailers to come together in a mutually beneficial electronic market place where they can exchange goods and services.

Publishers, authors and retailers can thereby improve their businesses, not only through improved advertising and collectively enhanced exposure of their book and/or magazine products (especially via eBooks), but also by improving profit margins on recommended retail prices by not having to deal with a middleman distributor.

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